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Frequent Asked Questions!

Q: What is Daily Net Traffic (DNT) and what does it offer?
A: DNT is a Direct Marketing company that sells (provides) quality advertising to its customers, clients and/or members. DNT offers 6 different Ad Traffic Packages (Positions) starting from a low cost of $2 Ad Pacakge and the highest one is the $200 Ad Package. The DNT Advertising Packages offer Banner (display ad) and Text advertising. At this time 60% of the advertising is within the DNT and 40% is outside the DNT.
Q: Can anyone become a distributor or affilitate to earn income with DNT?
A: Anyone who purchases the DNT Ad Traffic Package or becomes a Paid customer, client or a member has the option to promote their DNT affiliate link to other businesses or Network Marketers. The orders that come in through its affilate links are closely monitored by our DNT data center. All order payments are submitted directly to our distributor or affiliate which are also monitored by DNT. When the payment is approved, the DNT Ad Traffic Package order automactically becomes active. The paying customer, client or a member simply logins to the DNT member's area and goes to the Banner or Text Ad section to place their advertisement.
Q: How much income can a Paid distributor or affiliate can earn with DNT?
A: All DNT Ad Traffic Packages (Positions 1 - 6) have 100% direct payout commissions. Ad Package #1 commission is $2, #2 is $3, #3 is $10, #4 is $20, #5 is $50 and #6 is $200. The Highest Income Potential with DNT Ad Traffic Packages is $12800. The income you earn from DNT will depend on your advertising efforts that you put into your DNT business.
Q: How does the DailyNetTraffic earn profits since the Ad Packages are 100% commission-able?
A: The DNT is connected with DailyNetPay Adverising Platform (DNP) where it earns most of the profit from members who order advertising packages from there. Also DNT once in a while offers special paid co-op advertisments for its distributors where additional profits are made.
Q: What payment processor are acceptable by DNT or its distributors or affiliates?
A: The DNT is a Direct Member To Member Order Payment system. The payments that are accepted are set up by each individual distributor or affiliate. Most common payments that are used with DNT are Solid Trust Pay (STP), Payza, BitCoin, direct ordering by using Western Union, Bank e-Transfers or mailed Money Orders.
Q:  I need to know if the sign ups have to pay for the next level themselves or is it automatically taken out of earnings by the program.

A: The DNT is a Member to Member payment system. All DNT Ad Packages are ordered through a specified Paid Member who is a qualified distributor or affiliate of the DailyNetTraffic. All DNT Ad Traffic Packages ordered and their payments are closely monitored by the DNT ordering data center. Members can purchase their higher Ad Package Positions from their earnings. Those who will not do anything or not purchase their higher positions, simply will be by passed from members below them who are active. This is also called spillunder.
Q: How does the entire DNT Distributing or Affiliate Commission Earning System works?
A: The RFA company uses a simple 2 x 6 Member To Member matrix but it is linked with our Powerful Dual Downline Structure (PDDS) which 90% of the time does the selling for you. Please note this is not your standard matrix.

Want To Know What Is The Difference Between
a Standard 2x6 Martix and a Member To Member 2x6 Martix?

Q: Can I purchase DNT higher Ad Packages without purchasing the lower ones first?
A: NO. You must start with the lowest one which is the $2 Ad Package. After that Ad Package is approved, you can purchase the next one. Each Ad Package must be owned and approved before you can order next one.

Q: Why am I paying someone else other than my sponsor or referer?
A: If the your upline sponsor has their certain level filled, you will become a spillover or spillunder for one of his/her downline members. This is how our matrix and commission structure works. Even you have joined under your sponsor but you might be purchasing your Position from someone other than your sponsor. You will still be their direct sponsored member where you might be purchasing the higher Positions from your original sponsor later. This is what makes our entire system unique. You do not have to refer someone to get paid from them, it is all where they fall in your levels as to whom they pay for each Positions.
Q: I have received an email that say I have received a money. But when I checked my Payment account I did not find any new transactions. What should I do?
A: Please allow up to 24 hours for your sponsor or upline to approve the payment. You can also contact that member that you have made the payment to and ask for approval. If after 24 hoursIf your position is not approved, please contact admin with your payment details.

Q: What will be done about members who do not confirm payments after a reasonable amount of time? 
A: Members who are sending the payments to others, ALWAYS should contact them to let them know that payment was submitted. If they do not reply within 24 hours or the payment (ad package position) is still not approved, email me your Transaction Receipt # (screen shot) and I will approve it after 24 hours. For members who have submitted higher cash, proof provided, then I try to call both sides to solve this approval. Phone # must be provided.

Q:  I had a member showing in my organization (downline) and now is not there. What happened to that member?

A: When a new member joins and submits the payment, that new member gets registered in your downline. Their position (ad package) becomes PENDING until it is approved or denied. If the payment has been send, the receiver approves that ad package. In rare occasion if the payment is not send by a member or it is false action, the pending position just sits there. Eventually that position gets removed along with that member. Another dissapearnce of a member occurs if someone requests not to participate in the opportunity any longer and wishes to be removed. When any such action is performed, that position becomes open again and will eventually will become filled again.

(K1) Ken Russo - One Link - Team Build Associated Questions and Answers

Q: Can anyone join the (K1) krusso1 Team Build?

A: The (K1) Team Build is the largest and fastest growing organization in the DailyNetTraffic leading all members to our main advertising opportunity RevenueFromAdvertising (RFA). The plan that Ken uses benefits many of our current members as well. YES anyone can join the (K1) Team Build even if you already have account. If you join the Team, you will end up with many other DNT or RFA accounts as per the (K1) Subscription Plan.

Q: What is the (K1) Subscription Plan?

A: Here is the site that explains it all. http://www.dailynettraffic.com/krtb-subscription.html

Q: If I have a question or a concern, can I contact support?
A: Absolutely YES! We are here to help you in any way possible to make your advertisment work to bring you results and earning you income. You can contact us through the "Contact Us" link provided at the top of this site or if you would like to speak to us directly (faster or instant reply), you can call or send a text message or a request a call back if after business hours.
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Cell / Text: 1-519-616-7932
Phone: 1-519-570-3829
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